Hydrocarbon Fluid Analysis (PVT)

Hydrocarbon Fluid Analysis (PVT)

To examine and understand the phase behaviour and properties of hydrocarbon fluids for the development and management of reservoir which also affecting the aspects of petroleum exploration and production.

ERALab’s fluid laboratory services offers a quick and reliable solution for the Oil and Gas companies to obtain PVT data through our highly reliable PVT equipment and EOS software as required for reservoir, process engineering, facilities design and reservoir optimization.

Our fluid lab provides crude oil testing for its chemical and physical characteristic. Each crude oil molecular is unique and its characteristic differentiates its quality. This is essential to evaluate the crude oil feedstock, an important commercial value for refiners, oil traders and producers.

ERALab provides a complete crude /condensate assay with 100 percent compliance to the industry standard method, an added value for our business partners. Together with our experienced PVT specialist, we deliver the following analysis:

  • Crude/ Condensate Properties
  • Simulated Distillation
  • True Boiling Point Distillation
  • Blending of distillation products
  • Product cuts analysis

Flow assurance refers to ensuring a successful and economical flow of hydrocarbon stream from reservoir to the point of sale through the changing environment of the production system.
Flow assurance is extremely diverse, encompassing multiple subjects and embracing all kinds of engineering disciplines. Aside from network modelling deposits, it also involves handling many solid deposits such as gas hydrates, asphatene wax and naphthenates. This is to prevent any pipeline blockage especially in the offshore sector as the effects can be fatal.

At ERALab, we conduct studies on the well’s behaviour to ensure that any problems at the earliest stage has been addressed. Solutions developed through our Fluid Laboratory specialises on chemistry studies on Wax and Asphaltene which comprises on the following flow assurance activities:

  • Measurement Asphaltene content – Heptane insoluble
  • Measurement Asphaltene content – Pentane insoluble
  • SARA Analysis
  • Simulation of Asphaltene precipitation
  • Measurement of Asphaltene onset pressure
  • Wax content
  • Wax Appearance Temperature (WAT)
  • Pipeline restart at live condition
  • Simulation of wax precipitation

Our Fluid Laboratory offers on-site trace analysis for Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2SO4), Mercury (Hg), Methane (CH4), Radon (Rn), and 12 Ion Water Analysis.

These elements among many others are produced together with petroleum fluid during exploration, well appraisal and production well is important to ensure the pipeline, process specification and transportation system are met. As some elements are incombustible with no economic value and others are toxics, poisonous and non-environmental friendly, ERALab provides facilities and treatments to ensure the quality of the oil and gas produced by our clients are guaranteed.

Trace Elements Method/Equipment
Water Content in Petroleum Liquid Karl Fisher Titration Method
BS & W Centrifuge
Microbiological content in water (E-Coli, Coliform, etc.) Microbe Test Kits
Arsenic in Gas Sampling using Absorption Method, Analysis using AAS
Nitrogen MicroGC with TCD Detector
Helium MicroGC with TCD Detector
Mercaptan Drager Tubes / MicroGC. Titration UOP 212
Mercury (Hg) Mercury Analyser ISO6978 (Gas) UOP 938/ ASTM D6722 (Liquid) Leco AMA454

ERALab helps clients in the oil and gas industry to better detect, monitor and analyse mercury content along its production line. Mercury is a major hazard in the Oil and Gas industry in the forms of amalgams with metals particularly aluminium which can lead to corrosions to welds, cryogenic components and pump shaft made from copper alloys. Uncontrolled mercury content can lead to unscheduled shutdowns of various offshore and on shore facilities, decontamination of FSOs, FPSOs and tankers and mercury poisoning among personnel due to extreme mercury exposure. Responsiveness of mercury concentration in the production line allows a safer and compliant production process. ERALab uses LECO AMA254 to analyse total mercury in gas and liquid form and mercury speciation. The AMA254 is an alternative to CVAAS or ICP as it more cost effective and fast in its analysis.

We offer purchase and rental services for a wide range of sample cylinder for hydrocarbon and water sampling activities. These cylinders have been tested and proven its reliability and have been certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Sample Cylinder available:

  • PVT Oil Sample Cylinder: Titan 700-R
  • PVT Gas Sample Cylinder: Titan 5000
  • Micro gas sample Cylinder: Titan 150

Other Types of Cylinder:

  • Single-Phase Sample Cylinder – 700cc
  • Other types of sample container, i.e. IATA, can polyethylene & glass bottles

Other Services:

  • Maintenance and recertification of sample cylinder
  • Sample cylinder management