Environmental Consultancy

We work with plants, construction sites, factories, government and commercial facilities from planning to project completion to ensure that any possible damaging effects to the environment are managed or eliminated.

ERALab professional staff not only possesses academic and practical experience in the various disciplines that are related to environmental consultancy but ERALab environmental consultants are also registered with DOE, Malaysia. Working hands in hands with our highly trained field personnel for environmental monitoring, ERALab’s provides an efficient and comprehensive consultancy in EIA, EMP, Environmental audits and Post-EIA Compliance Assessment and other related environmental fields.

An environmental impact assessment is a process of identifying, predicting, evaluating and mitigating the biophysical, social, and other relevant effects of development proposals prior to major decisions being taken and commitments made.

This assessment ensures that the development activities undertake are not only economically sustainable but are protective of the world’s environment on which we and future generations all depend.

  • An Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Environmental Audits
  • Post EIA Compliance Monitoring
  • Compliance to CAR 2014
    – Written notification (WN) and written declaration (WD)
  • Environmental Site Assessment

Wastewater Characteristic Study (WWCS) is a study to determine the physical, biological and chemical characteristics and the concentrations of constituents in the wastewater.

Via the results obtained , ERALab will provide the best means of treatment to reduce the pollutant concentrations is determined to comply with the DOE Standards stipulated under Environmental Quality Act 1974, the Environmental Quality Regulations (Sewage and Industrial Effluents) 1979.

ERALab specializes in the Application of Special Management of Scheduled Waste (SMSW) as provided under Regulations 7 of the Environmental Quality (Scheduled Waste) Regulations 2005.

ERALab’s collaboration with Makmal Bioserasi, Inbiosis UKM and Pusat Teknologi Alam Sekitar & Bioproses, SIRIM, enable us to provide full range of services as required under the Guidelines for the Application of Special Management of Scheduled Waste.

ERALab provides assistance and guidance to any laboratories in attaining ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from DSM and other international accreditation body.

This include the preparation of manual, procedures, training and also conducting a Proficiency Test Programme traceable to a certified international accreditation organization for any relevant test methods carried out by the laboratory.

Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Consultancy

ERALab’s occupational safety and health team comprises of well-trained, highly professional hygiene experts certified by Department of Occupational Safety and Health of Malaysia (DOSH). With this capacity, we are able to conduct relevant assessments to meet the growing needs of safety and health concern in Malaysia.

Health Risk Assessment – Controlling health risks at work offers Line Managers and HSE Advisers clear, practical guidance on how to identify, evaluate and control health risks at work – the process known as Health Risk Assessment or HRA.

It is designed to be sufficiently flexible to apply across company activities, from a complex chemical plant to a simple retail filling station.

Required to be performed at non-industrial places of work in industries listed under Schedule 1 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (Act 514). Work places as such are Offices, Training facilities, Commercial and Entertainment establishments and Health Care facilities.

The assessment is conducted in accordance to the Industry Code of Practice on Indoor Air Quality 2010 as a guide to comply with the general duties of employers prescribed under Section 15 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (Act 514).

One of the mandatory requirements under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1994. In conducting the CHRA, ERALab adheres strictly to DOSH-recommended methods documented in the Assessment of the Health Risks Arising from the Use of Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace’ (A manual of Recommended Practice 2nd Edition).

A requirement under The Factories and Machinery (Noise Exposure) Regulations, 1989. ERALab offers services of professionally qualified and competent personnel registered with DOSH in achieving compliance with the above regulations. Services cover the following:

  • Noise mapping and point noise source at static locations
  • Personal noise exposure records using state-of-the-art logging equipment

Findings from this monitoring allow employers to take remedial measures.

Conducted to control worker’s exposure to harmful substances which has been one of the important requirements of the Regulations made under Factories and Machinery Act 1967 and the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994.

Under Regulation 17(1) of USECHH Regulations 2000, any engineering control such as LEV system must be inspected at an interval of not more than one month by the employer and examined and tested by a registered Hygiene Technician at an interval of not more than twelve months.


  • ISO/IEC 17025